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Our Services

For all commercial and industrial heating and boiler applications.

Here at Industrial Boiler Services (UK) Ltd we provide a comprehensive range of services encompassing hire boiler solutions, installation, operational support, maintenance and servicing.

Our commitment to engineering excellence, customer focus, and adaptability ensures you receive tailored solutions to meet your specific project needs.

Industrial Boiler Services (UK) Ltd - Suffolk, UK

Flexible hire fleet network for all applications including, domestic hot water, low temperature heating, medium and high temperature heating and steam production.


Expert design and installation of a wide range of heating systems, from full plant-rooms to single plant and/or appliance replacements.


Our Certified Industrial Boiler Operators (CertIBO) provide all Category 2 industrial boiler operations from holiday and sickness cover, to long-term arrangements.


Reactive maintenance for swift in and out-of-hours responses for breakdowns and repairs alongside proactive planned maintenance schedules.


Plant and system services to ensure the safety, efficiency, and longevity of equipment. Including, heating, hot water, combustion, pressure, and steam production.