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Our Certified Industrial Boiler Operators (CertIBO) can provide all Category 2 industrial boiler operations to the requirements of PUWER.

Whether you need short-term coverage, extended arrangements, or specialised expertise, our team is ready to ensure smooth and effective boiler operations that meet your unique requirements.

By entrusting your boiler operations to our certified operators, you benefit from our experience in optimising boiler performance, energy efficiency, and system reliability. We are experienced in industry regulations and best practices and can ensure that your boiler operations remain compliant and in line with safety standards.

Installations and Design Services - Industrial Boiler Services

"Every employer shall ensure that any of his employees who supervises or manages the use of work equipment has received adequate training for purposes of health and safety."

Provision of Use and Work Equipment Regulations 1998, regulation 9.
Holiday and Sickness Cover:

To enable your plant to continue safe, compliant operations, we offer seamless support for clients facing temporary staff shortages due to holidays or sickness. Our certified operators step in to ensure uninterrupted boiler operations during these periods.


For clients seeking ongoing, reliable boiler operation solutions, we offer long-term arrangements. Our certified operators become integral members of your team, managing boiler operations to the highest standards.

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